Why I’ll attend the European Radio Show and why you should, too

I know what you’re gonna say : Denis advocates for the European Radio Show because … it happens in Paris and is organized by French people :) Well, not only. But I must admit that a bit of Latin warmth is welcome back in this industry.

Over the years, what was a modest radio conference has grown to become a very interesting event for radio professionals. But then there was the language barrier. Not everybody speaks French, apparently. While everybody thinks he/she speaks English. That’s why Philippe Chapot and Frédéric Brulhatour decided that what was once “Le Radio” and then “Le Salon de la Radio” had to become “The European Radio Show“.

Their business approach is quite different from the cold money-collecting-machine we got used to, and you’re gonna love it : the entrance ticket is simply… FREE.

Why? Well… because there’s no reason to make you pay! Exhibitors (equipment manufacturers, research firms, consultants, etc.) are the ones who should cover the costs. They come there to meet you, potential clients. Why would you pay ?

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Of course, going from a French-only conference to an international version takes time, as you must transition your speakers while you bring a new audience. That’s why WE – European radio professionals – need to help and attend the show!

This year, the “invited country” is the United Kingdom.
A great way to de-Frenchify the conference, isn’t it? :)

But wait! There’s more! I will share the stage with my friend Francis Currie and his partner Niklas Nordén to present their amazing radio research offer! Trust me : you’ll LOVE it!

Et voila ! I gave you a reason to come to Paris every year on company’s expenses! The whole world – and your friends – will envy you forever.

You’re welcome :)

Click here to request your free pass !

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