To podcast or not to podcast.

To podcast or not to podcast.

As usual, the answer is not simple. It all depends on your format, on your radio contents, and on the types of contents that you are ready to podcast.

Bear in mind that when someone is listening to one of your podcast, he CANNOT be listening to your station at the same time. That can be a problem, or not at all, depending on what you provide to your listeners. Let’s take three examples :

1. A pure CHR music station.
What does it have to podcast ? Approximately nothing. Maybe some countdown show ?
2. An adult music & news station.
What does it have to podcast ? Features from the morning show, some news bits (the last bulletin), etc.
3. A pure talk radio.
Should it podcast ? Sincerely : NO! A radio that RELIES on callers – callers make the content – let’s call it a user-generated-radio (!) should MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN LIVE ! That’s its core business.

Please download and read the new study from Tom Webster at Edison Research on podcasting.
You will definitely find something there…

And now, the difficult question : how will you deal with advertising inside your podcasts ?

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  1. OLiX

    June 6, 2008 at 11:15 am

    Finally a post in english ;) I agree with podcasts, for shows that want to listners want to download and listen again. I listen to 3-4 podcasts of dance shows froms Holland and UK. But I would listen to podcasts of the moringshow or of some selections frum my favourite morning-show.

    In conclusion, if you have good content on the radio, you should podcast it !


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