Romanian Radio Legend

Romanian Radio Legend

In the last 9 years, coming from time to time in Romania, I had the chance to meet some real radio legends. It was each time an opportunity for me to learn new aspects of this Wonderful World of Waves called radio.

Among those, I recently met an extraterrestial, someone who could have been a character in Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince” : Diana Singer.

I never had so many fights with a radio personality, and never with that much love. I have love for her passion of radio and respect for her willing to make it more perfect everyday. Her dedication sets an example.

Strangely enough, one French guy leading a radio in Romania put her on air in 1990. And another French guy did the same in 2008, 18 years later. Only Romanians keep on firing her. Being on air in 1990, a few months after Romania got rid of 40 years of communist dictature, was quite meaningful. Radio – especially talk-show – had a special taste of freedom. I envy Diana to have lived those years.

In her blog, she recently published two articles ( 1. 2.) about our encounter. They are only for those lucky enough to read Romanian.

Diana, I bow in front of your talk-radio experience. You are a lady. Using your incredible talent on air was a pure radio pleasure. I am blessed that I met you. Don’t stay here in the real world. Go back in the studio and turn the red light on, as soon as possible. Please.

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  1. A.S.

    February 5, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Indeed, she’s a special lady. You “read” her well :) People like her are very rare and, unfortunately, misunderstood… I loved that you said that she might have been a character from “Little Prince”(my favorite book ever). She is a beautiful and wild kid, a dreamer. She is one of the fortunate ones… that discoverd their passion. I hope she will be soon there, where her place is… on the radio!


  2. Nana

    February 7, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    After reading what you wrote about Diana it’s like I have nothing else to add. I only truly hope that she’ll come back (soon!!!) ON AIR!


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