Scientia potentia est

Scientia potentia est

I just left from a party.

And I saw there the most ironical thing a radio person can see.

Picture this : 2.000 people from show-biz. Singers, ex-singers, singers-to-be, half-hookers singing, half-singers hooking, and all the parasites around them. Even the carefully non-invited who manage to get in and to get cameras, interviews, etc. But that’s not the point.

In this type of party, everybody wants to shake your hand, to meet you, to smile to you, to tell you something you will of course not hear, or not understand, but anyway you will smile. That was the case tonight.

But that’s also not the point…

In the middle of those people trying to reach the PD, trying to shake hands with the Programmer, trying to be introduced… there was a discreet silent and smiling humble woman… nobody noticed her…

In the middle of all those plastic-fancy people hoping for a ray of sun, was this lady… nobody exactly knew who she was… few people were talking to her.

Still, she was smiling.

What they didn’t know… is that this woman is the manager of the huge research department from a radio group… This woman… who deals only with numbers, figures, Euclidian distances and ponderated averages… THAT woman, unnoticed in the middle of them… has the ultimate power, the only real one who can make them WIN or FAIL.

That particular woman – they don’t know she exists, they don’t know her name – has total power on their career, their life, their hopes and dreams. She makes them and destroys them. She makes them big stars or has-been losers…

They were dancing,
They were trying to shake my hand..

And from one corner… looking at them… she was smiling…

And THAT is the point :-)

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  1. Mulder

    November 7, 2008 at 5:06 am

    That’s good.


  2. Pif le chien

    November 7, 2008 at 10:41 am

    No. The listener has the ultimate power. She just measure what the listener likes. And she doesn’t even decide. You do based on the reports she writes. Of course the listener usually doesn’t know what he likes but that’s another discussion :)

    She’s important, that’s for sure.

    I agree with you on the romanian showbiz. It SUCKS ass ;)


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