It's not only about what you do…

It's not only about what you do…

You revamped your clocks, you wiped Selector, all your rotations are perfect, you fired all unnecessary DJs, you have now a pure hit station. But, hey… listeners are still not here.

Face it : for listeners to SAMPLE YOU, it doesn’t depend on you, but on what your competition will do wrong. The only chance that a potential listener will try your product is if your competitition makes a mistake.

Now, guru PDs will tell you that you can push your competition to make that mistake. You can make them react to your own music programming changes in a way that makes them lose their focus. You can tactically force them to move in a way or another that will help you seducing their listeners.

And you can, of course, target your music to those listeners, just in case… :-)

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